Welcome To AGE Animations

Today AGE Animations is excited to launch it's website. Here you will find all of the projects we are involved with. You can now see our YouTube channels all in one convenient website. Each channel will have it's own page for you to check out.

You might notice that you are reading this on the page called "The Blog". Here you will find news for the channels along with new technology, video games, filmmaking and visual effects.

When a new video is released from the AGE Animations channel there will be a link to all of the video that related to it. Not only will you get the Behind The Scenes and Tuesday Tutorial, you will see the vlogs that show the day-by-day process for a more extended look in to the process.

Introducing the newest channel by Andrew Espino, the creator of AGE Animations, AA Games. This new channel will release one show a day Monday - Friday with and a Live Stream from Twitch on Sunday Nights. The five shows during the week will have a variety of games either on a console, a PC, or in physical form. The weekly content will be starting soon so stay tuned for a release date. 

Andrew's Vlog follows the creator of all that you see on this website, Andrew G. Espino. Watch the daily vlog and see how Andrew strives to become a filmmaker, animator, and a visual effects artist on YouTube while working a normal job as a bowling alley technician. 

Don't forget to follow all of the channels on all of there social media sites.