Ultimate Gun Game

Imagine if you could play a game with all your favorite weapons like a light saber, a lancer from Gears of War, or a diamond sword from Minecraft. Corridor Digital has created a short film of all the best video game weapons along with a wonderful behind the scenes video showing you how they achieved the first person perspective.

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YouTube Gaming

AA Games' channel on YouTube Gaming

AA Games' channel on YouTube Gaming

It's finally here! This is YouTube's live streaming website for gaming. If you already have a gaming channel on YouTube than you are already signed up. The integration between YouTube and YouTube Gaming is seamless, you can upload on either website and they will both update immediately. If you are a viewer and you joined a live stream late you can rewind the stream just like a DVR. 

Halo 5: Guardians

Recently 343 Industries created a tumblr page named HuntTheTruth. On March 20 a short fifteen second video was released titled Halo 5 Guardians.

Video courtesy of Microsoft's YouTube channel

When this video hit the internet there were so many questions asked. How could Master Chief be a traitor? What is HuntTheTruth? 

One week after this mysterious trailer two follow up ads were uploaded. Each ad contains what could be the end of a long battle but in the eyes of Spartan Locke and Master Chief. 

Video courtesy of Microsoft's YouTube channel

Video courtesy of Microsoft's YouTube channel

I have been a huge fan of the Halo franchise since the Halo: Combat Evolved and I was very excited to see the teaser for Halo 5. The odd thing about these two ads is that they show you the end of a battle between a hero and a villain but not knowing who is good and who is evil. 

If you want to Hunt the Truth you can follow the tumblr page to figure out who is on what side.